Soft Polo Stick
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Soft Polo Stick



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  This polo stick is popular in games for its safety, material and sharp colors. A lightweight, yet durable plastic shaft and soft foam heads, make these sticks ideal for polo beginners to improve their teamwork spirit and ability. It is suitable in different games and with other products like CMW8158 Goal, G1796 DuraCoat Ball, W8781 Six-color Cone and W3799\W3804 Team vest. Buy a pack of polostick and get 1 foam ball and 1 puck for free. Each game can be between six players (3:3) or 12 players (6:6)  with one player as the captain, one player as the goalkeeper, two as the strikers and the rest as defenders. The team that scores more within the given time is the winner. Students can also play the game like "Chase the piggy" and "Steal the ball" with polo sticks.
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