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K12 follows a standard delivery policy. All deliveries will be dispatched within 72 hours by courier, subject to stock availability. A flat rate fee of 12 rmb is payable on all orders to a private address, regardless of the quantity of garments. 

K12遵循标准的交付政策。 所有交货将在72小时内以快递方式发送,视库存情况而定。 不论成衣数量多少,所有到私人地址的订单均需支付12元的固定费用。

We will at all times try to delivery your order in one go. However should some of the items not be in stock, our customer service agent will inform you the expected date of arrival of the items. If the delivery is split you will not incur any extra delivery charges.  Personalized team sports uniforms and travelling tops will be delivered within 4 weeks  from cut off date.

我们将始终尝试一次性交付您的订单。 但是,如果某些物品没有库存,我们的客户服务代理会通知您这些物品的预计到达日期。 如果分开交付,您将不会产生任何额外的交付费用。 个性化的团队运动服和旅行上衣将在截止日期后的4周内交付。

All orders will be properly packed, prior to them being dispatched. Our preferred partner in China is SF Delivery.

 所有订单将在发货前妥善包装。 我们在中国的首选合作伙伴是顺丰速递。

During the busy 'Back to School' period (August and January) we will try to dispatch orders within standard delivery times of receiving the orders, (subject to stock availability). However since stock levels fluctuate significantly during these periods, it may be prudent to place your orders well in advance.

 在繁忙的“返校”期间(8月和1月),我们将尝试在收到订单的标准交货时间内发货(视库存情况而定)。 但是,由于在此期间库存水平波动很大,因此最好提前下订单。

In spite of our best intentions it will not always be possible to guarantee delivery schedules. We use third party courier services for deliveries and while every attempt will be made to stick to delivery times, situations may arise due to traffic or other unforeseen disruptions, which may result in promised deadlines not being achieved.

 尽管我们有最大的意愿,但并非总是能够保证交货时间表。 我们使用第三方快递服务进行送货,尽管我们会尽一切努力遵守送货时间,但是由于交通或其他不可预见的干扰可能会导致情况出现,这可能会导致无法兑现承诺的期限。

Please ensure that deliveries can be received and signed for, when mentioning an address/location on your order especially since the courier would require an authorized sign-off.


Acceptance of delivery: 交货验收:

You must accept all deliveries of goods, which have been ordered and are in good conditions.  If we are to deliver the goods to a non-mainland China address then we will use all reasonable efforts to deliver within stated delivery time frame.

您必须接受所有已订购且状况良好的货物。 如果我们要将货物运送到中国大陆以外的地区,则我们将尽一切合理努力在规定的交货期限内交货。

If we deliver the wrong, or damaged goods to you, then you are to notify us within 72 hours of delivery giving us full details of the damaged or incorrect goods. Please refer to the Returns section in this website.

 如果我们向您交付了错误或损坏的货物,则您应在交货后72小时内通知我们,以向我们提供损坏或不正确货物的完整详细信息。 请参考本网站的退货部分。



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